The Funklovers feat Charles Dockins -Miss Your Love- IN ALL STORES!!

In all Stores:






Original Mix

The Funklovers Soulful Mix
Bass Luca Romeo (The Funklovers Live Dep.)
All Keyboard Davide Cuccu (The Funklovers Live Dep.)
Written by Charles Dockins
Mixed, Arranged & Mastered by The Funklovers : Fabrizio Munaò, Luca Lala and Luciano Tarantino

Dolls Combers Classic Instrumental Mix
Dolls Combers Classic Vocal Mix
Mixed, Arranged & Mastered by Dolls Combers :Manuele Tigani, Vincent Lacerenza and Pino Di Pietro

Groove Junkies Remix
Groove Junkies Instrumental
Mixed, Arranged & Mastered by Evan Landes for Groove Junkies Productions

Marco Finotello Mix
Mixed, Arranged & Mastered by Marco Finotello @ Movie&Arts studio, Milan Italy