Mysterious Feedbacks
mysterious dj, press and radio feedback

dj meme / bobby d'ambrosio mix is a must !

tony humphries / this is pure class production! excellent mixes from bobby d and mirco esposito.
tony is supporting it for sure!

groove assassin / liking the bobby mixes ..will play for sure !

niall redmond / rte pulse radio / ireland / oh my god!!
d'ambrosio smashed the shit out of this!love job

parrish james  been lookin' forward to this release. bobby put it down! 

alan powell / solar radio / wow sarah, what a fantastic package of chooness!!!
lovin the booby d mix's, but feelin' the micro mix too.
thanks so much and full support from me :)

dareen holland / baldeelox / nice upliftin gem...vocal remix is doin it for me..

djp / dj & ceo of pressure radio / yes!!!!!    “superb”    these remixes  step it up a gear,  
their perfection   vocals synth piano whole production oozes quality,
my fellow soulful  heads are going to love this.

dutchican soul  / yeah! loving the d'ambrosio club mix, nice one will support this! thanks,

vincent kwok / really liking the mirco esposito mix!  

vinny da vincy / metro fm south africa / 
both mixes work too!!! will support for sure.......... 

richard earnshaw / bobby’s vocal club mix all the way!! 

montana & stewart  / this vox is incredible, tracks are dope as well really feelin’ bobby’s jams
big time, very uplifting and very hot! for the dance floor

john jones / hed kandi / nice set of soulful remixes here,
although ill stay with original which has been big for me this year 

steve johns / solar radio / both the bobby d'ambrosio mixes cut it for me
instantly likeable and uplifting. will defo be getting radio play!

dj bee / loca fm / spain syndicated worldwide / "mysterious is amazing.
vocal funk track for me and my people. full support"

dj dealer / look at you records  /
knee deep - classic vibes on bobby's updates...warm & fuzzy all over! 

hippie torrales / lovin the bobby d'ambrosio mix. nice remix package.

dario d’attis / very nice d'ambrosio mixes . gonna play this . .

radical / jazz fm / i checked it out yesterday, love it,
it will be scheduled into my 10th december show.

evan (groove junkies)  / great package and always a pleasant surprise when
bobby d. graces us with a mix of anything! support comin'!! 

jask / bobby d' ambrosio mixes are dope!

alan o’malley / multi storey soul radio show, rte pulse, ireland /  
bobby d'ambrosio mixes are the slam jam, 'club mix' on my show this weekend !! 

hector romero / bobby's sunset mix makes me float and dance the blues away
beautiful - especially this classic song. nice one 

dj rork / radio fg chic / france / great remixes pack!  my favorite mix:
mysterious - bobby d'ambrosio sunset vocal remix nice work! in my bag!

soulmagic / the vocal club remix is dope! including this in the upcoming soulmagic podcast!

christos kedras / kapa music / mirco really hits some spots for me,
i will def support this! also nice disco-house vibe on bobby's remixes.

craig bartlett / tilllate magazine / lamerica /
what a fantastic soulful house record love what bobby d has done to it,
love it love it love it – is reviewing

luis radio / nice vocals here ..i like the bobby d'ambrosio sunset vocal remix..full support

gareth morgan blues & soul magazine / absolutely loving this track / review covered

ben lovett / blues and soul magazine / is reviewing

nick adams / solar radio / bobby d mix sounding brilliant…! supporting on his show

matt oliver / / is reviewing

dr bob jones / manfesto mag / solar radio / samurai radio / all goods with this
already played sunset vocal mix on radio- i love this
production and mixes are excellent. full support- no probs

mark coddington / manifesto magazine / yes really like this and will definitely be reviewing.

mike fosatti / spirit of house /  this is the sort of house music i love j review at

cj mackintosh / loving bobby's mixes...supporting :) x

souldynamic / this package rockkkk! wowww! mirco esposito and mr.d'ambrosio done a great work!
bobby d'ambrosio vocal club is heavyyyyy!  full support ! in the our next radio show!

larry vidal / the good grooves show / hayes fm / is supporting on air 

andrea fiorino / mastermix / czech republic / bobby d rocks! :o)
already mixed into the next week's episode of my show (#229)! ;o)

cherokee / kiss fm australia / extremely delicious! warms up the heart and soul. supporting!

martin lodge / candy apple/ push fm / liking the bobby d mix, played on the show yesterday

colin sales / im sure i have this from a few years back,
but the bobby d'ambrosio remix is superhot!  supporting :)

ginger tony / solar radio / thanks for sending over this, what a bloody stormer!!!
:-) spun on last week's "jump start", i charted on the soul energy chart-type-thingy,
i'm all over this!

davidson ospina / bobby d mixes for me!! :-) great production

edground / brazilian soul crew (bsc / various radio stations /brazil/
bobby d´ambrosio is on rotation already sarah :)thanks for sending great promos.
in my radio show and label parties as well.

mr mison / children of house (france)  / very great packages  with an amazin' remix by bobby
;) 100% full support in my next webradio show ;)

dj pope / support on this one as well bobby d ambrosio mix

taha elroubi / t:kolai / sudan / knee deep + bobby d'ambrosio = (wicked groove)
x shena = absolute dopeness. 'mysterious' is definitely a great production.
i am loving both the  vocal club remix and the sunset vocal remix.
this will definitely be rocking the airwaves in sudan on my 'good times' radio program.

the layabouts /  wicked stuff from bobby dambrosia, really solid production

chilly / dolce / maimi / what a lovely uplifting piece of music. 
shena’s performance goes from good to great atop a musical production that harks back
to memorable earlier times. 
will support. the bobby d’ambrosio sunset vocal mixes work best for me.  knee deep we miss you!!

cory soulfuzion / centric /  a very nice by mr d'ambrosio which will make this weeks mix show

antony agnell / bobby d for me all the way. excellent remix. antony angell -
essential house radio show

mirk paolini / clubology house chart / partygroove radio / italy /
bobby d'ambrosio sunset vocal remix

distant people  / just beautiful music, the sort of anthem you hear in southports powerhouse !
love it

grant richards / kinky malinki /  
the bobby d'ambrosio mix is one of the nicest bits of soulful house i've heard all year. love it.

franco martinelli / just to tell you that i reviewed knee deep feat.
shena "mysterious" remixes (the brothers)
the bobby d'ambrosio remixes are simply awesome !! full support and review guaranteed !!!!

dj reeplee / paris /  excellent ! i'll play for sure full support!

matthew bandy / limestone recordings / enjoying the micro instrumental the most.  
will definitely be getting some play on this end. 

keith lawrence / colourful radio /
the 'd'ambrosio mix (1st one) is the mix i'm bumping on air,(last week)

jim shaft ryan / mis moneypennys radio show/ likes the single is supporting

graeme park / syndicated various / will support on his radio show

udm show mark stone / holy moly! just great!! dope production incl.
awesome bobby dambrosio mix! full support from me.

hayes fm the good groove show lary vidal is supporting on his show

solar radio soul energy house chart /

grant nelson / housecall show / ss radio / various / is supporting on his show /

velanche / urban landscapes radio show / usa /  is supporting on his show 

niall redmond / rte pulse radio / ireland / is supporting on the show

a rash / has reviewed / are reviewing

michael stukes / mystic vybes / whcr 90.3 fm / usa / is supporting

Kort / Bobby D‘Ambrosio vocal club mix. full support

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