‘Shake This World’ is the explosive new single from Berlin’s Mike La Funk who teams up with dynamite vocalist Jason Caesar on this energetic slice of house that carries a positive message. Jackin’ beats and punchy synth stabs pave the way for anthemic piano breakdowns and an infectious chorus on the upbeat Original mix. Also making an appearance on mix duty are Dutch duo Hardsoul, who opt for deeper funky vibe with skip to my beat rhythms, providing the groove immaculate. Germany’s rising star of Electronic Dance Music, Sam Skilz, injects drama to the dance floor and generates dynamic breakdowns armed with a sublime bass hook. Going all out on an EDM riot, with soaring synths and slamming beats, Virus J cranks up the levels and brings the walls!









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‘Shake This World’ Feedback


Magma FM / Alessio Furia / i’ don’t like so much this records / Hardsoul remix is the one for me 🙂 http://www.magmaglobalgroove.com/index.php?id=6&itemid=42


Groove assassin / Hardsoul turn it out for the floor ! V nice !


Evan (Groove Junkies) / Interesting package, but it’s all about the Hardsoul mix for me. Thanks!


Carlos Vargas (Purple Music / Solid Ground) / Some heavy peaktime action on this one.. Will definatly support!


Jim ‘shaft’ ryan / support!


Ricky Morrison / M&S Loving the Hardsoul mixes on this one, great sound and a nice vibe!


Jask / Hardsoul mix for me:)


Larry vidal /  hayes fm / Again, liking the track. These guys (I mean all the recent tracks you’ve sent) are getting better and better.


Parrish James / love the Hardsoul lava!


Brian cheetham / the global dance session / syndicated worldwide/  Oh I Did like that one also! Ill be playing the original mix on that one! Great Track


Mr v / i’m choosing the original mix and hardsoul remix. Very nice pack.


Dario d’attis / the Hardsoul Mix is my one …


Dj Ingela / cyberjamz


Junior white / good production created to”shake this world”….and many dancefloor….. my fav is Hardsoul Mix….full support…..


Hippie torrales /Radio mix is very good.


Coltrane /SA / I’m totally feeling the Radio Edit and the Hardsoul Remix!!!! Those two are great 🙂


Nick power / soul kandi / Nice track with a OK variety of mixes. Going for the Original & Hardsoul mixes for the show & maybe a funky little dancefloor play with the Hardsoul mix.


Distant People / rolling bassline and slamming drums, hardsoul instrumental for me please ! solid remix  !


Chilly / dolce miami /We do like these nice big packages that are chock full of mixes.

The Hardsoul Mix is the one for me.  The kiddies will be very

well pleased tonight.


Lello ambrosini / i’ll play the track n.3 “Hardsoul Mix”


Vincent kwok / Huge track!  Definitely supporting this!


Cherokee / kiss fm AU / Spectacular! A terrific collaboration, label, producer, singer and remixers!

Hot tune, I’m hearing those authentic pure house elements infused with progressive dynamic new sounds! Supporting!


Lukito Dj / The Funklovers (ITA) Another great project by The Brothers … a very attractive package to track.Hardsoul has a great shot, even though my favorite is still the Original Mix.


Dj pioneer / kiss fm uk / Feeling the hardsoul instrumental, will be supporting 🙂


Ihouseu / http://uk.ihouseu.com/mike-la-funk–jason-caesar—shake-this-world/


Andrea Fiorino / Hardsoul Mix fits best for me, I’ll give it a spin in my show. ;o) Have a great day…


Dutchican Soul /  Definitely the Hardsoul Remixes for me.. The boys always deliver.. Thanks for sending


Christos Kedras: I am really feeling the original, the chunky beat, the vocal… there is lots of energy & emotion coming out of them, great work!


Alan O, Multi Storey Soul radio show, RTE Pulse, Dublin, Ireland.  / ‘Hardsoul’ mixes hitting the spot, will playlist next week !!


Henri kohn / hardsoul and sam killz mixes are my favs.


Tony barbato / Sam Skilz Remix  it’s killer dancefloor.. I really like this version…


Franco de mulero / Inst Hardsoul mix for me!


Thibault Mison (Children Of House – Paris One Deeper / France) / Very Great new release from THE BROTHERS , Full support in my next radio show, especialy The Hardsoul remix 😉



John Jones / hed kandi / Hardsoul and Virus J mixes rocking it for me


Antony agnell / essential house / Got the Virus j mix all lined up for the show over the next few weeks, will be supporting


Peter Borg / simply salacias / Liking the original


Romo Aldo / Cool track


Evan (Groove Junkies) / Interesting package, but it’s all about the Hardsoul mix for me. Thanks!


Booker t / mi soul / nice mixes bad boy tune


Cesare ‘boogeyman’ Cera  / gru radio / italy / Personally I’ll play the Virus J rework


Jesse voorn / nice one


Richard Earnshaw / Original and Hardsoul mixes top of the pile for me.


Dj reeplee / paris / I like Harsoul mix . Full support


Dj mfr / Cool project and  great variety of remixes here. Hardsoul remix is the one for me


Sammy rock / cyberjamz / Nice classic sounding piece right here feat.the talents of Mike La Funk & Jason Ceasar.Nice peak-hour package.


Pugwash / pressure radio / will do damage with  the big boys on the that circuit.


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