Feedbacks to ROCK IT:

ihouseu /—rock-it/


mr v / cool mixes…


mousse t / cheerio


peter borg / i like it – the brothers mix for me thou


vinny da vincy / thanks again for the sweet sounds! i’m feeling terry hunter remix…will definitely support!


mark stone / udm show /great track! terry’s mix do the business – massive!!!


luis radio / room 26 / terry’s remix for me is nice


hector romero / terry hunter rocked this big time!!! love it!


housecat- cyberjamz radio / hotness tracks here! rocked the radio edit already!


groove assassin / terry hunter really delivers on this one …slammer !


markus enochson / this is awesome! i prefer terry remix


booker t / great mixes will support


bruno from ibiza / like the brothers remix.


carlos vargas (purple music / solid ground) / terry hunter does it for me.. full support!


dj yass / strong pack !


antonio cortese / great job, a cross between classic and modern and that much in my bag of discs put bomb sobeautiful, well done.


jask / very nice!:)


alan o, multi storey soul radio show, rte pulse, dublin, ireland. / solid remix from terry, overall a great package, keep it up, will playlist!!


ziggy funk / cool release, its the brothers remix for me


dj mfr / cool release thanks


wally walton / brothers mix is rocking it! not really feeling the terry hunter mixes but defo supporting the main brothers mix. top work edi!


pablo martinez / smashing terrys mix!


franco de mulero / full support


alan powell / solar radio / thanks for the promo… terry hunter works for me, nice deep n soulful with an afro touch.

will support this on the road.


mark di meo (quantize – solid ground – tony records) / terry hunter remix for me!


rafael moraes/nomumbah / terry hunters mix is nice!


booker t / mi soul / nice mixes feeling the terry hunter mix nuff support


dj pugwash / soulful house chart / pressure radio / as a old b-boy this track is right up my street as it pays homage to

the classic electro funk tunes like “planet rock”. 9/10


grant richards / kinky malinki / the brothers mix for me!! this knee deep back cat revisit makes me wanna ask when so devine gets a reboot????


richard earnshaw / nicely nice! both mixes are decent…..reckon the darker brothers mix is the one though for the spiritchaser set.


severino / horse meat disco / the deep vocal mix is my fav


dj pippi / i love knee deep sound..specially the brothers mixes. great music


master kev / smashing remix by terry hunter!!!!!!


antony agnell / essential house show / ssradio / the terry hunter mix on this all the way for me


cherokee / kiss fm au / so hot! working it out already!


n’dinga gaba / wicked… digging the terry hunter mix… nice package 🙂


terry jones / southport weekender / terry hunter mix is doing it for me with the hint of old skool ….and yes, i am supporting….and feet are moving


david fiorese / terry hunter is my mix!!!bomb!!!love it!!!!!!


vincent kwok / really loving the deep mix!


andy compton / diggin terrys mix 🙂


junior white / i like t.hunter super bangin with the tech vibe killer for dancefloors… support


souldynamic / the terry’s mix is hot !! we’ll play for sure .. 😉 support from us !!


jonathan meyer / great remix by terry hunter.


evan landes / groove junkies / nimble digits / great remixes of the knee deep classic. terry hits the mark with his jazz fusion/afro approach and the brothers smash it on the deep house tip.


graeme park / wallop indeed. superb! especially brothers remix.


dj taha / terry hunter’s remix is super wallop!!! massive massive massive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


parrish james / this is the business!


silver sweet / radio cardiff / the terry hunter mixes are interesting totally transformed the track its fat 🙂 bless


kenny summit / very nice remix


mirko paoloni / radio party groove – italy / terry hunter remix for me!!! support!


martin lodge / push fm / mr hunter doing it for me


dj pope / played it in italy last week t hunters mix


ricky morrison / m&s / very nice track here. terry mixes are sublime and the brothers remix is off the chain! nice one!!


robert owens / nice track


dj ingela / cyberjamz / played on cj yesterday. lovely!


lello ambrosini / simply … amazing !!


umberto giannini / ssradio the brothers remix is slamming


franky fresh / the brothers remix for me!!! yeeeeeeepa!!!


U-Ness : just heard it hun, terry hunter mix for me, should be a chart winning one!


alex kenning / house fm / in the list for my housefm show tonight!


aki bergen / terry hunter remix works very good for my radio show! thanks!


dan genal / had the pleasure of grabbing original knee deep 12″ version back in the the new refixes.very different. terry hunter pulling of an oldskool journey.very classic balearic vibes.but have to boost the brothers deep and chunky cut.dig it for sure!all over this


sammy rock / cyberjamz / love knee deep.. that is one of my favorite mixes of this 🙂


dj bee / terry hunter remix instrumental for me..