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Mirco Esposito is by far the most experienced DJ and Producer on the Deeptown roster. All in all he has been a formidable part of the Swiss House scene for over 15 years (and he still looks good!)

As a DJ Mirco is a familiar face in all the major clubs in Switzerland. Ask any DJ or club promoter and they will tell you - Mirco is true to House Music and its followers, always filling his sets with passion and an understanding of what the floor requires. It's no wonder therefore that from the bigger clubs like Zurich's "Kaufleuten" (Home of Jamie Lewis and Purple Music nights) and Basel's "Atlantis" club through to the smaller clubs Mirco is a sought after booking.

It doesn't stop in Switzerland though - across mainland Europe Mirco has played most of the bigger clubs in Milan, Ibiza, Hamburg, London...... all a part of his continuing DJ story. He currently has residencies in both "Casineum" and "Pravda" back in his home town of Lucerne.

It is as a producer that many people know the name Mirco Esposito. Under the project names "Rawsoul", "One Touch" and "Souxsoul" Mirco has helped write and producer many famous tracks, including "Warning You" (Purple Music),"Love 2 Love" (Player Records) to name a few.

Mirco has proven his skill again in the studio, helping the new boy DJ Le Roi produce his first single "I get Deep", which at the time of writing this has already been in the Traxsource Top 10 Downloads for two weeks. It is a given therefore that Mirco's experience as both a Producer and DJ is going to be of great benefit   For the Brothers.

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