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DJ and producer Federico Locchi plays in dance clubs all around the world. In 2014, he joined The Brothers’ family with his forthcoming productions.

DJ Federico Locchi plays in clubs all around the world. He started his career at an early age in the dance clubs in his native city of Perugia, Italy. Over the years, he’s moved to the clubs of the Adriatic Riviera, and then onto all major house music clubs in Italy and abroad who feature dance and underground music. Now, at age 34, he is a star on the international scene, touring in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Peru.

Federico’s works include singles, remixes and collaborations with numerous artists of the underground electronic music such as Planet Funk, Ralf, Noir, Nick Curly, Leon, Nima Gorji, Lauhaus, Kabale und Liebe, DJ Wild, Gorge, Bimas Martinez, Edu Imbernon, Arado and many others, as well as releases with labels and featured on compilations such as 8Bit, Supernature, Catwash, Noir, Tenax and numerous others.

His first track “AURORA” was recorded and released in 2003 with Planet Funk. This track gained a worldwide recognition, first place in the house music chats, and a few months later, Federico reaffirmed his fame with the popular single "F...K ME RICH”. His productions launched Federico’s skyrocketing career as a musician-producer and DJ. In 2014, he joined The Brothers’ family with his forthcoming productions.