Feedbacks to MOVE ON: /  is reviewing


spirit of house /


ihouseu /—move-on/


mika /


markus enochson / i like this a lot – will try out this weekend


mark stone / udm show / “good to see the new sub label from my swiss friends! nice deep track – will play it in the radio – keep it up!”


soulmagic / very nice this. probably a bit too deep for what we mostly play but like the production.


jim shaft ryan / miss moneypennys / big support!


hippie torrales / thank you for the package. like the instrumental. vocals work also but instrumental my favourite.


alan o / multi storey soul radio show, rte pulse, dublin, ireland.  / ‘original’ is my pick on this, nice vibes from the new label.


dario d’attis  papi carlucci 🙂 is a cool release. . . i miss some grooves on this track . .

i have to try . . thanks for the music . .


vinny da vinci / on point…dancefloor bound!!!


peter borg / simply salacious / mis soul / love it! dropped it twice on the show already supporting


pablo martinez / love it – deep’n dark!


nick adams / solar radio / the brothers never fail to impress my ears, on whatever they are involved with.

will support radio plays.


silver sweet / radio cardiff / funky little number prefer the dub its punchy good for the dance floor mr nugget move on gonna get them grooving on


mirko paoloni / very nice! support


dj nelson / power fm / vocals are ok. i think the backing is very good so might support the instrumental on this release.





bogdan tarran / hot underground hous stuff, nice!


cesare ‘boogeyman’ cera / yeah, gotta good feeling!


dj mfr / cool release will support thanks


djp / pressure radio / thanks for promo, i did get a sneak preview from nugget. nice track like the deepness and simple low piano keys that set the mood, will def be supporting.


the funklovers (ita) – great start for the first release!! 8/10


master kev / i like it!! definitely on the flash drive! 😉


richard earnshaw / the brothers getting deep in their old age!! 😉

nicely done. x


chilly / my pic is the instrumental mix on this one.


romo aldo / this is a good release. i enjoy what the brothers have been doing and tracks is off to a good start with this track. thank you.


vincent kwok / dark and funky!. great!


rafael yapudjian / pacha brazil / move on – original mix will support


dj pope / nice track


christos kedras / wow, definitely something different, nice one, deep fat & techy, will give it a try!


lello ambrosini / a fresh old school house project ! 🙂


dutchican soul | niels! / nice deep track, will work in my sets.. thanks!


dj shane / i full support the tracks !!! , playlisted in my radios show and already in my bag !!!


distant people / deep heavy and has loads of attitude, kool sound

full support


robert owens / great track and message, thank you


craig stewart / superb spoken word from my bro nugz, inspiring positive words indeed – the track is hot as well, brilliant combo


junior white / very nice deep tek production…perfect for my set…. well done…full support…


martin lodge / push fm / will give the instrumental a spin though


fabrizio marra / deep nice track support it


david fiorese / dope!!!!!!love it!!!the roots of house music!!!!